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8 thoughts on “TEST FROM WORDPRESS

  1. Gemma Gladstone - Therapeutic Writer Post author

    Hi again Nina, aka Pen of the Damned’s The Dark Angel! As you’re a member of the Damned you’re especially welcome here – :). I’ve only had time to read a few of your posts there so far but think you’re a brilliant writer! I made a point of telling Joseph Pinto that, due to the nature of my OCPD personality disorder and other probs, I simply can’t “like” the posts I’ve read by you so far as they’re too dark for me. Thinking of you I also did a Tweet this week saying “Can’t wait for today’s @PenOfTheDamned post – will ‘The Darker Shadows’ be too dark for me this week?”. Joe said that you, Nina, write in metaphor much as he does – I appreciate this as that’s what I’m trying to do (i.e. I’m trying to bring to light the OCD “demon in my view”). I’m about to be assessed by a world leading OCD expert (Prof Paul Salkovskis from the documentary I’m in) and promise to press my “like” button many times for you if he cures me – :)!

  2. Gemma Gladstone - Therapeutic Writer Post author

    Oh dear – as I have Asperger’s traits, I’ve only just clicked on that Nina’s not being ironic when she says “Many [posts] are shared, Gemma! ;)” above – :(. Sorry, to any followers who get notified of new posts/comments by email, for having repeatedly deleted and re-posted my above first post and comments – LOL! My re-writing and proofreading compulsions can completely take over and dominate the other ones – I’ll master my “edit” button to stop you being bombarded with emails when this happens!

  3. Nina D'Arcangela

    Hi Gemma, thank you the kind words about my writing, I truly appreciate it! And please don’t worry about ‘Liking’ the posts as a public blogger, knowing that you’ve enjoyed reading them is satisfaction enough for me :)

    As to your multiple posts and edits, we only get the first notification burst out to us (the followers of the blog). If you edit the same post, new notifications don’t go out. If you delete and add a new post, then we get them. So if you stay in the same post, we won’t receive multiple notifications. :)

    OCD – I know a few people with mild OCD and one with a severe affliction. His affliction is so debilitating that it doesn’t allow him to live what we refer to as ‘an ordinary life’. I wish you the absolute best in your test study, and hope you find a means of control through the doctor’s efforts, if not a cure itself, my dear. I may write dark fiction that comes from a place deep inside me, but through it I always see light. If you can carry that thought with you, you can see yourself through anything – no matter the outcome!

    Thank you for your support, Gemma, whether you are able to express it openly or not, it is greatly appreciated; and know you have mine as well!

    ~ Nina :)


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